Voyageurs National Park Camping/Rentals/Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I camp? Are there any campgrounds?

  • all park campsites/houseboat sites are accessible only by water; there are over 200 sites; Voyageurs does not have any campsites that are accessible by car or foot.
  • there are two small campgrounds in the park – north shore of Crane Lake (King Williams Narrows) and Mukooda Lake (interior lake just north of Crane Lake); there are five individual sites at each of these small campgrounds; accommodates up to 45 people
  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources operates two drive-in campgrounds – Woodenfrog on Kabetogama Lake and Ash River in Ash River
  • resorts in gateway communities have campsites for tents and RV’s
  • Visitors can camp in the park for 14 consecutive days and 30 calendar days all year.
  • Visitors can leave their cars parked at a visitor center for the duration of their stay in the park.

We are going to camp in the park. Can we camp anywhere?

  • No. Visitors must use one of the park's developed campsites because they are built to protect the park's resources and to withstand use.

Can visitors camp or park an RV overnight near a visitor center?

No. No overnight use is allowed in developed areas. The area around a visitor center is a developed area. Camping or other overnight use is not allowed near the visitor centers.

What facilities are at a tent, houseboat, and day use site?

Tent sites

  • tent pads (large: 13’ x 13’ or small: 7’ x 9’); small tent sites usually have 2 tent pads. large tent sites usually have 4 tent pads.
  • metal food lockers (52” wide x 36” deep x 21” high)
  • privy (toilet)
  • fire ring
  • picnic table
  • dock (not all sites)

Houseboat sites

  • fire ring
  • mooring posts

Tent sites

  • privy (toilet)
  • fire ring
  • picnic table
  • dock (not all sites)

Where can I rent bicycles?

Bike rentals can be done at Tara’s Warf (Rainy Lake Inn & Suites) in Ranier, MN. She has a few select bikes for rent. Also check the Accommodations Section in the Rendezvous. Visitors can ride bicycles on park roads, in parking areas, and on routes designated for bicycle use. There are no mountain biking trails in the park. There is a bike trail from International Falls to the Thunderbird Lodge (~ 12 miles).

Can houseboats dock at the Kabetogama Lake or Ash River Visitor Centers dock for day use?

Yes. If the houseboat is small enough that it can be maneuvered safely in the marina. Most houseboats are too big to dock at the visitor center docks. They can also park next to the ramp on the sandy beach area. At the Ash River VC, they are allowed to dock in the designated area. In all cases, houseboats are not allowed to moor overnight at any visitor center.

How many houseboat sites are in the park?

There are 78 houseboat sites in the park as follows: Backcountry – 0; Kabetogama Lake – 20; Namakan Lake – 20; Rainy Lake – 33; and Sand Point Lake – 6.

Where can I rent a boat or cabin?

The park newspaper, Rendezvous, lists the resorts, hotels, motels, and campgrounds around the park. It also lists the types of boats that resorts rent and whether or not they rent only to their guests. Visitors can also rent motorboats on Mukooda Lake from concessionaires.

Where can visitors take showers?

The following information is from the park’s Rendezvous paper:
Ash River: Kettle Falls Hotel
Crane Lake: Anderson Outfitters, Berger’s Trading Post, Camp 40 Outfitters, LaCroix Outfitters, Nelson’s Resort, Norway Lodge, Sand Point Lodge, Scott’s Peaceful Valley Resort, Voyagaire Lodge & Houseboats
Kabetogama Lake: Arrowhead Lodge and Resort, Park Point Resort, Pine Aire Resort, Pokorny’s Resort & Campground, Red Pine Lodge & Resort, Sandy Point Lodge & Outfitters, Voyageurs Adventures Outfitting
Ash River: Sunset Resort
Rainy Lake: Arnold’s Campground & RV Park, SandBay Bed & Breakfast

Where are swimming beaches?

Swimming beaches are located at; Woodenfrog campground, City Beach is located three miles east of International falls on County Road 20 off Highway 11 east and a smaller beach without a life guard is located at Ranier.

Does Voyageurs National Park have any visitor centers?

Yes. The park has three visitors centers – Rainy Lake, Kabetogama Lake and Ash River. Rainy Lake is open year-round with reduced hours during the winter. Kabetogama Lake and Ash River are open seasonally. The park also has a ranger station at Crane Lake with very limited hours. The park maintains an informational bulletin board and overnight permit station across the street from the Ranger’s house. No other NPS facilities are at Crane Lake.

Does Voyageurs National Park have any accessible facilities?

The park has one wheelchair accessible campsite. It is N41, Voyageurs Narrows. It is located just southwest of Mica Island on Namakan Lake. The facilities at the campsite can accommodate a wheelchair. The fire ring is higher, the picnic table has an extended end, the toilet is accessible, and the whole site is located on a rather flat rock surface.
The campsite is available by reservation only. Reservations can only be made at the Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center – 218-875-2111.

The park’s visitor centers and picnic areas are accessible. There is a wheelchair accessible paddle launch near the Ash River Visitor Center. Two park trails are wheelchair accessible for the first ¼ mile. Each one ends at a scenic overlook.

How deep is the water at park boat launches with normal water levels?

Ash River Visitor Center - 5 feet
Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center - 5 – 6 feet
Rainy Lake Visitor Center – 4 – 5 feet.

Where can I swim in the park?

Swimming is allowed anywhere in Voyageurs except in the following places or situations: (1) swimming or bathing in locations designated as closed, i.e. docks and vessel mooring basins within Park’s developed areas, except at Whispering Pines seasonal housing areas, (2) Swimming or bathing in violation of designated restrictions, (3) Swimming from vessels which are underway, except in circumstances where a capable operator is on board and all propulsion is off and/or sails are furled, (4) The superintendent may prohibit the use of flotation devices, glass containers, kites, or incompatible sporting activities within locations designated as swimming beaches.

Where can I rent skis?

Adults skis can be rented at the Rainy Lake Visitor Center for $5.00 per day between the hours of 10 am - 4 pm, Wed - Sun (Oct - Dec) and 10am to 5pm, Wed – Sun (Jan - May).
Children’s skis can also be loaned out for free. Same hours.

Where can I rent a boat?

Visitors can rent boats from some resorts. Guests can rent a boat as part of a package deal. The park has some canoes and rowboats available for rent through the Boats on Interior Lakes program. Boat rentals cost $10 per day and visitors need to provide their own transportation to the trailhead. There are boats on seven interior lakes. Visit for more information.

Where can I buy bait?

The park newspaper, Rendezvous, lists area resorts that sell bait. In addition to the listings in the Rendezvous, visitors can buy bait at many local businesses:
Rainy – The Outdoorsman, Rainy Lake One Stop, Island View Lodge, Rainy Lake Houseboats, Thunderbird Lodge, Woody’s Rainy Lake Resort and Loon’s Nest
Kabetogama – Gateway Store and most resorts
Ash River – all resorts
Crane Lake – most resorts